30th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 30 years of ministry with our family together.

Sharing God’s Love

For Thirty Years we have maintained our motto of “Sharing God’s Love Everywhere We Go”, and 30 Years of Service has been met with great responsibility and unlimited sacrifice to a congregation, community, and city we continue to help grow, and love. Under the leadership of Bishop Darrell and Pastor Pamela Hines, the staff and volunteers of Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC) has served tirelessly to meet the need of Milwaukee residents through a myriad of services that appeal to families and children.

The Community

As we commemorate 30 Years of being a viable part of our great city we also celebrate you, our supporters, in-kind givers, sponsors, and friends; for it is by your generosity that we have been able to give coats to children, provide food to our underserved population, avail our facilities to the Boys & Girls Clubs, and partner with such agencies as the Blood Center of Wisconsin and Cancer Treatment of America to assist those suffering from terminal maladies. For all that we do, in partnership with supporters like you, CFFC is a mainstay in greater Milwaukee, and by God’s grace we shall continue to exhibit the vibrant spirit of giving that makes Milwaukee a great place to live.

Continuing Our Legacy

We are pleased to minister life changing words, provide financial literacy, organize education programs (for adults and children), and facilitate workshops on caring for the body, for it is our endeavor to help grow the triune man – spirit, soul, and body. So, on behalf of our pastors and founders, Darrell & Pamela Hines, we invite you to share in our efforts. Your financial contributions will help to sustain resources that deliver such privilege, and will assist in continuing our legacy of giving, and growing families the next 30-plus years.