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"Jesus Taught a Samaritan

Jesus was tired from a long walk through Samaria . He sat down by Jacob’s well while His disciples went into the town to buy food .

Usually, all the women came
to get water in the morning . Even
though it was late in the day, one
woman came alone to get water . “Give Me a drink,” Jesus said .

The woman asked, “Why are You asking me for a drink?” The woman knew that Jesus was a Jew and that Jews usually did not talk to Samaritans . Jesus told her that if she knew who was speaking to her, she would ask Him for a drink . He told her that He had living water!

The woman spoke again . “You don’t even have a bucket to get water . Where will You get this living water?”

Jesus explained, “Everyone who drinks water from this well will get thirsty again, but the kind of water I can give will keep you from getting thirsty again .” Jesus was speaking about eternal life forever with God .

The woman said, “I want this living water . I can tell that You are a prophet .”
Jesus explained that God wants people to worship Him . The woman said, “I know that the Messiah is coming .”

Jesus told her that He was the Messiah . At that point, the woman left her water jar and ran to the town . She told the townsmen, “Come . See the man . Could He be the Messiah?” So the men went out to see Jesus .

Many Samaritans from the town believed in Jesus because of what the woman told them . They came to see Jesus and asked Him to stay with them . He stayed two days, and later, the people said they now believed Jesus was the Savior because they heard Him for themselves .

LUKE 2:1-20

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