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"Adam and Eve Sinned"

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Adam and Eve Sinned

God created the world. He had not made it rain yet, so mist came up from the ground to water the earth. There was no man to work the ground. God made the first man out of dust. Then God breathed into the man’s nostrils and the man began to breathe! God planted a garden in Eden. In the middle of the garden God placed the tree of life. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was in the garden too. A river watered the beautiful garden. God placed Adam there to care for the garden. God made the animals and birds and let Adam name them.

God knew Adam needed a helper. But there was no helper found for him. So God caused Adam to sleep. He took one of Adam’s ribs and made a woman. When Adam saw her, he knew she would be his helper. Her name was Eve. God gave Adam and Eve one command. “You can eat from any tree in the garden except for one,” God said. “You must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you eat the fruit, you will die.” The serpent in the garden was cunning and did not fear God. He told Eve she would not die if she ate the fruit from the tree God said not to eat. Eve knew what God had commanded, but she made the choice to disobey God. She took some of the fruit and ate it.

Then she gave some to her husband Adam. He took the fruit and ate it too. Right away they knew they disobeyed God. They were ashamed and sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves because they had no clothes on. They hid from God. God called out to Adam and Eve. He asked them what they had done. Adam and Eve blamed each other and the serpent. God punished each of them. God told Adam and Eve they would have to leave the garden. But God still loved them. He made clothes for them from animal skins.

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