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"God Made People"

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God made a wonderful world. He made day and night, land and water, and plants and trees. God made the sun, moon,
and stars. He made animals that live in water, birds, and land animals.

After God made all the land animals on the sixth day, He said, “I will make man. He will be in charge of all the animals. He will take care of the plants I have made.”

The man, named Adam, lived in the garden of Eden. God told him to work in the garden and take care of it. God brought the animals to Adam and said, “Give each animal a name.” Adam did what God told him to do.

Then God decided the man should not be alone. He made a woman to be Adam’s helper. Now Adam would not be alone. God made Adam and Eve different from the other things He made. He made them able to choose to love and obey Him.

Evening came, and the sixth day was done. On the seventh day, God rested. He created everything in six days!

GENESIS 1:26–2:24

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Nehemiah 9:6


Colossians 1:16


Psalm 19:1


Isaiah 42:5


Hebrews 11:3


Psalm 33:6


Psalm 104:21