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"Paul Wrote to
 a Church"

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Paul Wrote to
a Church

Paul was a missionary who traveled to many places to tell people about Jesus. He traveled to Corinth, a large city. Paul taught in the synagogue (a place where people go to pray and learn about God). He taught everyone he saw about Jesus. He stayed in the city for more than a year. Paul helped the people who listened and believed to know what God said to do.

Later, Paul was in another city. Paul heard that the people in the church in Corinth were arguing. Paul wrote a letter to the church in Corinth. He wanted to help them know what to do.
In his letter, Paul reminded the church how much God and Jesus loved them. Paul said that God and Jesus are more important than anything a man says.

“We each do our part of the work,” Paul wrote. “We work with God. God is the one who makes things happen.”
Paul wanted the people in the church to get along. He sent his friend Timothy to help the church remember all Paul taught and to remember the right things to do.

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Activity Sheets  9.26.21



Philippians 4:19


Luke 12:24


Psalm 34:10


Romans 8:32


Psalm 37:25


Genesis 9:13


Psalm 111:5

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