This week’s lesson

"Jesus Helped
the Disciples"

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Jesus Helped the Disciples

Peter, John, and some of the other disciples had been fishing in the Sea of Galilee all night. They had not caught any fish. In the morning, a man standing on the shore asked, “Did you catch any fish?” The disciples said no.

The man told them to put their net down on the right side of the boat. The fishermen threw the net into the water on the right side. When they tried to lift the net, it was full of fish! There were 153 fish in the net. John said, “That man is Jesus!” Peter was so excited; he jumped into the water and swam to shore.

The other men followed in the boat, pulling the net full of fish. When the men reached land, they saw fish cooking on a fire and some bread. Jesus said, “Come and have breakfast with Me.” The men were happy to see Jesus. They were happy Jesus was alive.

After breakfast, Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love Me?” Peter answered yes each time. Jesus told Peter, “Follow Me.” Jesus wanted Peter to love others and tell them about Jesus.

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