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"Solomon Built the

King Solomon was in charge of building
the temple (church) in Jerusalem. The temple was a special place for people to worship and praise God. King Solomon built the temple exactly like God wanted.

The people had waited a long time for the temple to be built. When it was finally finished, King Solomon planned a time of celebration. Many people came to see this new building where the people could worship God.

To begin the celebration, the church helpers (priests) carried the ark of the covenant into a very special place in the temple. The ark of the covenant was a large gold box that held the Ten Commandments.

King Solomon stood and talked to the people. He prayed to God and praised Him. He thanked God for the new temple. He thanked God for always keeping His promises.

King Solomon asked God to help the people obey God and keep God’s rules. King Solomon told God that they were sorry for the times when they made wrong choices.
Everyone celebrated for two weeks. The people were happy to have a place to worship God.

1 KINGS 6; 8

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Psalm 111:1


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Revelation 14:7