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"Peter Told
About Jesus"

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Peter Told About Jesus

Peter and the other disciples (helpers) of Jesus were together in
a house in Jerusalem. They heard a sound like a strong wind.

People gathered outside the house after hearing the sound.
The disciples began to speak in different languages. They went out to tell the people about Jesus. The people were surprised that the disciples could speak in many languages.

Peter stood up and talked to all the people. “Listen to me,” Peter said. “God did this. God sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus did many miracles. Jesus told us about God. He died but now is alive. Now Jesus, God’s Son, is in heaven with God.”

Many people listened to the message that Peter spoke that day. “What should we do?” the people asked.

Peter told them to start making right choices and to learn more about

God’s Son, Jesus. Three thousand people believed what Peter said. They met with the disciples to learn more about Jesus.

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Hebrews 9:28


Revelation 1:7


Matthew 24:27


Titus 2:13


Luke 12:40


1 Corinthians 15:52


Matthew 16:27

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